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Our Mission
Uyghur Mosque believes that Muslims deserve institutions that provide a welcoming and safe space offering Islamic educational programs for our various communities.<br />
Our School
Uyghur Mosque envisions the school as a learning institution that supports the integrated and balanced development of the individual . UM plans to operate a weekend Quran and Hadith classes, and Uyghur language classes for our children where they learn our beautiful deen and Uyghur identity.<br />
Our Events
We are going to offer a wide range of programs for muslim communities in the GTA area. In order to achieve this, UM, Inshaallah, has a plan to purchase a property that is big enough to accommodate various types of programs including daily prayers, Friday prayer, Quran classes, Ramadan Iftar, various kids activities, community gatherings and other events.<br />

Welcome Dr. Nabijan Tursun!

Dr. Nabijan Tursun is well known and respected Uyghur Historian and journalist who wrote a 13 volume book about the Uyghur history called ” The General History of Uyghurs”. This is a comprehensive and most reliable book about the Uyghur History based on many well documented facts, historical data and narratives. Recommend all Uyghurs and […]
By : Uyghur Mosque | Jul 16, 2022

Eid al-Fitr Celebration at Uyghur Mosque

       كانادا تورونتو ۋە باشقا شەھەرلىرىدىن كەلگەن ئۇيغۇرلار ئۇيغۇر مەسجىدىمىزدە جەم بولۇپ روزى ھېيىت نامىزىنى بىرلىكتە ئوقۇدۇق ھەم ئۆز- ئارا تەبرىكلەشتۇق. بۇ يېڭى سېتىۋالغان مەسجىدىمىزدە تۇنجى ھېيىت نامىزى ئوقۇشىمىز ھىساپلىنىدۇ The Uyghur communities in Toronto, London and other cities gathered at the Uyghur Mosque, had the Eid prayer and celebrated the Eid al-Fitr together. […]
By : Uyghur Mosque | May 10, 2022