A Special Day: Celebrating Eid al-Fitr at the Uyghur Mosque

The Uyghur Mosque had a big day on April 10th. For the first time, we celebrated the start of Eid al-Fitr. The night before, many people came to help clean and decorate the mosque. We want to thank the Kerimov family, Kadirya Askar, Afifa Hassan, Tursun Salaiyi and Arxidin’s two girls, Amira and Aziza. Their hard work made the mosque look beautiful.

To raise money for future events, we made four special baskets. We auctioned these off to the highest bidder. We also had four more baskets for kids, donated by Bashira El-Ferra. Bachirah Edahtally made candy bags and small gifts. These added a fun touch to the event.


More items were donated for the auction. Chezall Hijabs gave a hijab and a $25 gift certificate. Medina Teklimakan painted two beautiful pictures. Subi, who owns Psychopathlab, donated three sweaters and twelve hats, and Mehaba Artis donated a beautiful painting as well.


One of the day’s highlights was undeniably the jumping castle, which was a hit with the children. The baking contest was another exciting event, with Munawar Hamid crowned as the winner. The tug-of-war competition was a crowd-pleaser, drawing participation from all age groups.

Guests savored delicious kababs and kordak for lunch, traditional dishes that were a hit with everyone. The children, meanwhile, enjoyed popcorn and candies, adding a dash of fun to their day.

We want to give a big thank you to Anwar Askar. He was our speaker for the day and led the auction on stage. His hard work made the day even better.A special thanks also goes to Adil and Jappar Hajim, who generously took on the task of cooking for everyone during iftars. Their culinary skills and selfless efforts greatly contributed to the warm and communal atmosphere of Ramadan.

In conclusion, the first Eid al-Fitr celebration at the Uyghur Mosque was a joyous occasion, filled with community spirit and cultural pride. It underscored the power of collaboration and showcased the enduring strength of the Uyghur community.

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