Uyghur Mosque Urgent Statement

Uyghur Mosque Urgent Statement


Welcome Dr. Nabijan Tursun!

Dr. Nabijan Tursun is well known and respected Uyghur Historian and journalist who wrote a 13 volume book about the Uyghur history called ” The General History of Uyghurs”. This is a comprehensive and most reliable book about the Uyghur History based on many well documented facts, historical data and narratives. Recommend all Uyghurs and anybody who is interested about learning Uyghur history should buy and read these books.

Eid al-Fitr Celebration at Uyghur Mosque

       كانادا تورونتو ۋە باشقا شەھەرلىرىدىن كەلگەن ئۇيغۇرلار ئۇيغۇر مەسجىدىمىزدە جەم بولۇپ روزى ھېيىت نامىزىنى بىرلىكتە ئوقۇدۇق ھەم ئۆز- ئارا تەبرىكلەشتۇق. بۇ يېڭى سېتىۋالغان مەسجىدىمىزدە تۇنجى ھېيىت نامىزى ئوقۇشىمىز ھىساپلىنىدۇ

The Uyghur communities in Toronto, London and other cities gathered at the Uyghur Mosque, had the Eid prayer and celebrated the Eid al-Fitr together. This was the first time an Eid prayer was held at the new Uyghur Mosque.


Uyghur Mosque Ramadan Events

After some recent renovations, Uyghur Mosque is opened to the public with some Ramadan Events.

An Iftar will be served at the Uyghur mosque every Saturday during the Ramadan, everybody is welcome!

Also there will be daily Taraweeh prayer held at the mosque. We welcome Muslims in the neighboring community to join us!

Jumah prayers will be held at 1:30pm. please contact us at 647 676 2785 before coming just in case if the Imam is not available.

Address: 2299 Troy Road, Troy ON

Uyghur Mosque Opening Ceremony

Uyghur Mosque held an opening ceremony on Saturday, September 25 at its new location at 2299 Troy Road, Troy, Ontario.

Many Uyghurs across the North America including a number of prominent Uyghur activists and politicians attended the ceremony. A number of Imams and Muslim scholars in neighboring cities who have been speaking and advocating for Uyghurs have also attended the ceremony. Some politicians and local community members were also present. That was a good chance to introduce the Uyghurs to the local communities!!!

Uyghur Mosque is open for Jumma Prayer!

Uyghur Mosque is now open to the public for Friday prayers.  Jumma Khutba starts at 1:00pm. Everybody is welcome!

Address: 2299 Troy Road, Troy, ON

East Turkistan Republic Remembrance Day

Please join us remembering the foundation of TWO East Turkistan Republics on November 12.

The first East Turkistan Republic (Uyghurشەرقىي تۈركىستان ئىسلام جۇمھۇرىيىتى) was a short-lived Islamic republic founded on 12 November 1933. It was the first state to style itself an “Islamic republic.” It was centred on the city of Kashgar in what is today China-administered Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The ETR was primarily the product of an independence movement of the Uyghur population living there and more broadly of Turkic-ethnicity in character, including Kyrgyz and other Turkic peoples in its government and its population. With the sacking of Kashgar in 1934 by Hui warlords nominally allied with the Kuomintang government in Nanjing, the first ETR was effectively eliminated.

The second East Turkestan Republic was also a short-lived between November 12, 1944, and December 22, 1949.

In late 1949, most of ETR’s key leaders and officials were killed in the Soviet Union, while they were travelling to attend talks in Beijing with the Chinese government. Before the end of 1950, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had captured most of the area of the ETR, which ceased to function. The entire region became part of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).




Photos from the Opening Ceremony

Uyghur Masjid leaders, local community leaders, MPs, and many other guest speakers.

Welcome to Grand Opening Ceremony!

Please join us for the Grand Opening of the Uyghur Canadian Islamic & Cultural Center on Saturday, September 25, 2021, at 12:00pm. Uyghur activists and Ulamas in Turkey, Australia and Europe have been invited to this event. A number of Imams, Sheikhs and Muslim scholars in neighboring cities who have been speaking and advocating for Uyghurs have also been invited. Some politicians and local community members are also expected to be present. This will be a good chance to introduce the Uyghurs to the local communities!!!

Congratulations to all!

Alhamdulillah, all praises be to God who made the difficult things easy for us.

Uyghurs in Canada finally got the key of the new church that they have purchased. Renovation work  to convert the church into a new mosque will begin soon. We really appreciate all Uyghurs across Canada and beyond, and all brothers and sisters who have generously donated and supported our fundraising campaign and made the blessed event possible.

Congratulations to all! The new mosque will be open to the public by Qurbani Eid Insha Allah!