Mosque Information

Uyghur Mosque was established in March 2009 in Mississauga and carried out its activities in rented premises until July 1, 2015 when the Uyghur community in GTA were able to raise enough funds to purchase a property located at 7370 Bramalea Road in Mississauga. Uyghur Mosque purchased a new property in May 2021 located at 2299 Troy Road in Troy and recently moved to this address.

Uyghur Mosque was granted charity status in 2011 and since then strive to fulfill its mission as a religious organization to advance Islamic belief by conducting prayers, religious seminars, opening Quran and Uyghur language classes, and participating in refugee relief campaigns.


Charity BN# 81413 3823 RR0001

Mailing address:
2299 Troy Road
Troy, ON L0R 2B0
Bank Acct: 08732 -010 – 5017610 (CIBC)